BTS "shoes" in Atlanta, Georgia

Welcome to Chaney Empire, “The Foundation For Elite Minds!” We are a full-service video production company committed to producing exceptional content for various clients (Actors, Actresses, Dancers, Music Artists, Writers, etc.). Our offered services ensure that each film we produce is perceptive, captivating, and will achieve its overall purpose. As of now, we are currently expanding our services as our team grows, bringing aboard and establishing relationships with upcoming film producers, screenwriters, film editors, and music composers. Our intentions at Chaney Empire are to support the initial vision of high-quality independent filmmakers, writers, and producers with creative collaboration at every step of the process. We firmly believe that our combination of passion, ingenuity, and honesty is the best way to ensure results that make a difference in the future of the entertainment industry.

– Jomindz | Director & Producer